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Seascape fused glass art panel

Fused glass art panel - building the layers

I use glass powders and frit a lot in my fused glass panels, but this one is made up from sheet glass (Bullseye). I've used sea blue, aqua, light turquoise, midnight and streaky white glass, all lovely co-ordinating shades. The sky is white streaky, this glass varies a lot from one sheet to another, so I picked a section that gives the impression of a white cloudy sky.

Fused glass art panel - seascape - waves

The colours nearest the horizon are the darkest, getting lighter towards the foreground. The aim was to give the impression of perspective. Between the sections of sheet glass I have used powders and coarse frit to add texture. I used the white streaky for surf.

Fused glass frit seascape panel wall art

The beach is light amber, golden green (not green at all to me, more like light tan) and a frit mix of white and brown - looks very pebbly. Maybe next time I'll try to add seaweed.

Seascape fused glass art in kiln

Here it is in the kiln ready to fire.

Fused glass seascape wall art panel

Complete. I didn't full fuse it, as I wanted it to have texture.Fused glass seascape texture

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