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Part sheets, stacks and cabochons

I've been experimenting with part sheets. For non-fusers that is  a single sheet of glass with glass powder, frit, stringers or whatever you want to put on it to create your own sheet of art glass. Bullseye have a useful 'tips and tricks' sheet online to guide you through the basics.

I started with 3 mm tekta, added powders and coarse frit.

Fused glass part sheets

These are a few of them, some already cut up. I also used some silver foil (leaf) to create reactions with the French vanilla and blue glass.


Fused glass part sheet stackedFused glass stacked part sheetFused glass part sheet stacked for cabochon

As I wanted the cabochons to be quite large, around 30 mm, I cut the pieces to 20 mm and stacked the glass to about 16 mm high. I cut a square of Tekta for the bottom, stacked 2 pieces of the part sheet on top of this, then added a lid of Tekta. The one on the far right I have laid the part sheet pieces end on in a row (like books on a shelf!) Then there is another piece of Tekta on top. I wasn't sure if it would hold together, luckily it did.

There is a 'tips & tricks' sheet for this on the Bullseye website. The firing schedule is fairly long to make sure the glass melts down to approx 6 mm and rounds off into a circle.

Here they are. I am particularly pleased with the far left one, it's so three dimensional, and the silver has reacted beautifully with the turquoise and French vanilla.

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