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Handmade fused dichroic glass jewellery and fused glass wall art by Angela Jenkinson - since 2005. 
Working from my home studio in Horsham, West Sussex, I use art glass and dichroic glass. The process of making pendants, earrings and glass art involves fusing layers of glass in a kiln. This process is often repeated to create depth and balance in the finished piece. Glass is exciting to work with and after several years of glass fusing I am still thrilled when I open the kiln to see the sparkling glass cabochons ready to be made up into a piece of jewellery!

Each piece is unique and I am constantly experimenting with different combinations, so check back regularly for any new items.

Dichroic (di-crow-ick) from the Greek dikhroos - means two colours. Dichroic glass is a coating applied to the glass in a vacuum using laser beams.

 Fusing is a process where sheet glass is placed in a kiln to fuse the layers together. At around 800c two layers of 3 mm glass will fuse together until they are one piece with no visible join.

If you haven't seen dichroic glass jewellery before it may be difficult to imagine the beautiful sparkle and depth in the glass. The photographs cannot convey the full effect, but you can be sure you're wearing something eye-catching and unique.