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Cloakroom splashback

A new basin in my cloakroom (downstairs loo) prompted the need for a new splashback. My kiln is not big enough to make a panel in one piece so I opted to make 3 panels forming one seascape design.

I made a full size pattern to use as a guide for placing the coloured enamels.

Pattern for fused glass splashback 

I cut the glass - 3 pieces of glass for the base layer.

Glass cut ready for the colour

The enamel colours sifted on with a sieve. All three pieces of glass butted up to each other, as this is how they will be fitted. 

Enamels applied to the glass

Another piece of glass is placed on top. The colours don't necessarily look as they will when it is fired. I have created new colours by mixing and firing small test pieces. Most colours will look different  after firing. For instance the sand is quite pink before it's fired, but will be a sandy colour.

Complete panel with sea grasses ready for the kiln

Fired and fitted - the complete splashback.

Seascape splashback panelsSplashback seascapeSeascape splashback cloakroom schemeSeascape splashback over small basinSeascape splashback basin cloakroom

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