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Fused Glass Wall Art - Fused Glass Wall Art Panel With Red Poppy Flowers

Fused glass wall art panel with red poppy flowers

H 1079

Fused glass wall art panel with red poppy flowers. The bright red flowers are reminiscent of poppies, in shades of red with back stems and green frit details.

Note: This panel is larger than the others in this collection.

This glass art panel was made using sheet glass and compatible glass powders and grains of glass. The components were composed on the sheet glass and the piece was fired in a kiln.

Fused glass art for a wall or window, why not mix and match with the other designs.

A strong wire loop is fused into the top to hang the panel from a picture hook or in a window. The light transmitted through the glass brightens the colours.

Size: 25.5 x 10.5 cm (thickness 7 mm)

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