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Fused Glass Wall Art - Daffodils Framed Glass Art

Daffodils framed glass art

FG 2047 W

Daffodils framed glass art.

Daffodils (narcissus) made from opaque and transparent glass and glass enamels. In this small framed glass art the flowers have stems made from glass enamels, and the flowers are small pieces of glass which have been kiln fused so that they are raised from the surface. The colours are shades of yellow with green stems. The glass square is fixed to the glass in the frame allowing the tactile nature of the glass to be enjoyed.

The frame has a fixing for hanging only. To display on a mantle piece or shelf a display stand could be used.

Frame - 18.4cm square. White or black.

Glass square - 8.5cm square approx.

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